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5 Tips for Improving your Visibility on LinkedIn


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By N. Cooper
Online Career Tips Staff

Well, a big “thank you” goes out to Social Media Examiner for inspiring this post — I’ll be sharing with you five simple steps that will seriously help you out on LinkedIn!

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LinkedIn is a bit less intuitive for some of us than say, Facebook.  To add to the mix, LinkedIn has undergone a few changes.  Go ahead, log in, check them out!

Here are Social Media Examiner’s 5 Simple Steps for Improving Your LinkedIn Visibility:

  1. Complete your LinkedIn “Profile Box”
  2. Use keywords within your profile summary section
  3. Leverage your existing natural network
  4. Focus on timely and relevant status updates
  5. Join and participate in groups
I especially like #5.  Groups are so underrated… do a groups search for some of your interest, see what comes up and join the conversation!
Social Media Examiner provides some awesome screenshots and details for the above tips, so be sure to check out their post here!