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Bad Habit Slimdown, Week 27: Venting

By J. Mason Online Career Tips Editor Besides a punching bag, what is a better way to get out stress besides venting? We all have that person at work we complain to when things don't go our way, or something went haywire. This is fine, and a healthy way to rid yourself of stress, but too much of it can make you come across as a complainer always looking to deflect their issues.

How to Thrive When the Boss is Never Around

By Jacquelyn Smith, Forbes.com Special to Online Career Tips Does it seem like your boss is never around? Is it difficult to track her down? Impossible to schedule a time to meet with him? As managers are still being pressed to do more with less staff, it’s rare for bosses to spend the time needed with employees to yield optimal results. Depending on the workplace culture, leadership style and team dynamics, the boss’s absence can have either a profoundly negative impact, or an extremely positive impact.