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How NOT to Work While on Vacation

Interview with James Thompson Online Career Tips Contributor Not all of us get to take days off at a whim and scheduling time off in advance is a requirement. For those of you that are overworked a little time off is a great thing. It's being prepared to ignore your emails and work reminders that will be difficult to endure. This podcast will give you some helpful hints on how to survive the work withdrawal.

Putting the Fun in Functional Workspace

By Madeline Kronfeld Online Career Tips Contributor As long as your company allows you to decorate your space, I encourage you to do so. If you want your desk or office to look professional rather than resembling a toy store then a funny coffee mug, fresh flowers and plants, or a mouse pad with your favorite sports team’s logo are subtle ways to add that personal feel to your workspace. The main thing to remember about making your space feel like home is to keep it organized. A dozen picture frames take up a lot of space so limit yourself to just three or four.