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Know Your Pregnancy Rights

By Ann Eastham
Contributor, Career Services

Whether you’re considering starting a family, trying to become pregnant, or already pregnant, knowing your rights as well as your employer’s benefits can help you better plan for the future in order to reduce stress and ensure a more joyous event. Two of these rights – the right to keep your job and the right to the same treatment as others with a short-term medical absence – are among the most important to understand.

Procrastinating? Try This Quick, Easy Trick to Get on Track

By Deborah Jian Lee

To stop procrastination in its tracks, try this one cognitive-behavioral therapy trick called “The Five-Minute Rule.” All you do is pick one task and commit to doing it for five minutes. You can stop after that, but most likely you won’t want to because you’ve already build momentum. Sometimes all it takes to get a project underway is the simple act of starting.

Finding Your Own Work-Life Balance

By Todd Defren

Before we ask the question, “How well are you balancing your professional and personal lives?” we need to first ask, “What does work-life balance mean to you?” After observing me at work for a full day a few years ago, my daughter wryly observed, “Basically, your job is to write and respond to emails. All. Day. Long.” With that frame of reference in mind, here’s what work-life balance means to me...