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5 Writing Tips for CareerBuilder

By Grammarly

It’s easier than ever to get in touch with a prospective employer. There are employment agencies, recruitment agencies, personal networks, business networking websites, and online job boards to make your job search easy and convenient. What’s not great about all these resources is that you won’t be the only person using them. You need to stand out when applying for a job, and you can do that by following a few simple writing tips.

4 Ways to Overcome a Lack of 'Relevant' Work Experience

By Ashley Stahl

If an opportunity speaks to you, don’t buy into the belief that you’re not “enough,” especially when the requirements are meaningless indicators of your potential. Overcoming that noise and negativity requires substantial mental fortitude, and your ability to meet those challenges head-on is indicative of the success you’ll find if you refuse to let the naysayers chase you away.

Top Things You Should Be Doing With Your LinkedIn Profile

By Alisa Berry Online Career Tips Contributor Improving your professional clout is something everyone can easily work on and is easy to do with current social media. Having a great LinkedIn profile is going to be key. So you signed up for LinkedIn but your profile looks like a skeleton? That’s okay. LinkedIn is a great site for those that want to keep their interactions in the social media realm professional.

15-Second Resume Test

By Kevin Monahan, Business2Community.com Special to Online Career Tips While being able to verbalize your brand is critical, we also need to consider what our marketing materials say about us. What kind of impression is your resume making to a recruiter? If you are not sure, why not take the 15-Second Resume Test?