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Network with Industry Recruiters During 2016’s Industry-Specific Virtual Career Fairs

By Jessica Moore
Contributor, Career Services

2016 is an exciting year full of opportunities like never before to connect with industry professionals. In order to create a more focused career fair experience, the Department of Career Services will be offering Industry-Specific Virtual Career Fairs (VCFs) throughout the year. This format allows students and alumni to connect with recruiters who are hiring within an industry. A VCF offers many benefits for students and alumni, including access to our university job board, career coaching opportunities and the opportunity to connect with recruiters in real time.

A VCF is a virtual platform where students and alumni can interface with employers, while remaining in the comfort of their own homes. Much like a traditional career fair, students should come prepared to meet with recruiters from prospective employers and to market themselves as top-notch candidates. It is important to thoroughly research the employers who attend the VCF and find out important information such as what positions are available, the company’s mission, and the company’s current news.

Where Do You Fit?

By Jacquelyn Brookins
Contributor, Career Services

I remember the pressure I felt when trying to determine what my major would be. For some reason, making that choice felt like a decision that would be etched in stone, determining my professional livelihood for eternity. I know I cannot be the only one that experienced this heavy weight of choosing a path and sticking to it.

Have you felt like your major will bind you to an industry? Even more frightening is the thought that you’ll get a job in the field you desired, only to find out it wasn’t a fit or what you had hoped for. I have great news to put those discouraging thoughts at bay. Your major and educational background is more transferrable than you might think.