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The Power of Please

By Shun McGhee
Contributor, Career Services

June 5, 2014 marked the end of my nephew’s 8th grade school year, an occurrence that was celebrated by a graduation ceremony. In addition to our attendance, both sets of my nephew’s grandparents traveled to the ceremony as well. Since the grandparents had traveled quite some distance, they asked my niece if her grandmother could please sleep in her bed for the night, to which my niece responded, “Yes.” My nieces’ mother instilled in her daughter the value of sharing, though here was a chance to see it in practice.

Some Advice for New (and Old) Managers

By Kristen Carter Contributor, Career Services I am convinced that people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. Whether it is a team manager to which you directly report or a senior level manager that casts the vision of your department, it is evident that leadership at all levels matters! While some individuals are natural-born leaders, it remains a mystery how others have obtained their management roles.

How To Predict Managerial Success: 4 Key Qualities To Consider

It’s so important for organizations to choose the right people to promote into managerial and leadership roles.There’s no surefire model to predict managerial success, but there are essential qualities successful managers can’t do without – and substantive deficiencies in them should be a red flag to any executive, hiring manager or HR specialist looking to promote someone into a managerial or leadership role.