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Time Management for the Holidays

By Dr. Suzanne Minarcine
Faculty Director, School of Business at American Public University

We need to go back to the basics of time management and we need to find ways to relieve the stress associated with the holidays. The Time Management Grid, designed by Stephen Covey in 1994 and introduced in his book, First Things First, divides tasks into four categories: important/urgent, important/not urgent, urgent/ not important, and not important/not urgent.

Everyday Life Skills for the Workplace

By Amy Klimek
Online Career Tips, Special Contributor

When a company says they want someone who has the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, they are saying they want someone with good time management skills. Most job seekers think time management is as simple as getting to work on time on a consistent basis. The reality is time management involves how much work you actually get done in a work day. Yes you may work 40 hours a week, but do you get 40 hours worth of work done?