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7 Ways Microwave Engineers May Have Changed Your Life

By Patrick Dever, P.E.
Faculty Member, Electrical Engineering at American Public University

RF and microwave engineering is a specialty area within the electrical engineering profession that deals with circuits and systems that operate in the RF and microwave portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. These signals, which fluctuate between 100 million and 300 billion times per second, are the backbone of many of the wireless devices that we take for granted.

“Cme Wrk 4 Us. $$+GR8 Bfts”

A number of years ago a news story emerged in Britain, which detailed an event that took place in a primary school in Scotland—a student had submitted an assignment written entirely in “txt.” The news media was outraged; this single act constituted an assault on grammar, and was seen as a harbinger of doom for the English language.…