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Keeping Tech Fresh in the K-12 Classroom

By Dr. William M. Gillum
Associate Professor in the School of Education, American Public University

The evolution of technology in the classroom is a difficult subject on which to stay abreast for even the savviest technology users. New resources are constantly being developed, and the latest technology platforms are being replaced as quickly as they are released. As a result, education leaders should regularly review what is being used and how it is shaping our classrooms today.

5 Tips to Landing Your First Online Teaching Job

By Annette Clayton
Faculty Recruiter, American Public University System

It’s always challenging to land your first college teaching job, especially if it’s online teaching. Working from home is highly desirable and you will be competing with applicants from all over the country, making the applicant pool with your competitors even larger. Here are 5 quick tips for those seeking an online adjunct position.

Mentoring Millennial Teachers to Best Serve Their Students

By William M. Gillum, Ed.D.
Associate Professor, School of Education at American Public University

The once heated debate about the merit of technology in the classroom has switched from should we use technology to how do we best utilize technology in today’s rapidly changing classrooms. The good news is that the latest generation of teachers is poised to help with this change and, with the right support, can have a great impact on the nation’s classrooms.