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How to Deal With Burnout: A Proven Plan for Overcoming It (and Coming Back Stronger Than Before)

These are all telltale signs of being burnt out. You're not alone. As recently as 2018, a study found that 40% of U.S. adult workers were so burnt out at their jobs that they considered quitting. Burnout is so common, in fact, that the World Health Organization listed it as an occupational syndrome on the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

Here’s What Burnout Costs You

By Ashley Stahl

I was a “yes girl” when I started my career coaching practice in 2013. I’d speak on college campuses every week, stand at booths at college conferences (word of advice to new coaches—don’t do this!), and travel around the country for unpaid speaking engagements in hopes of attracting clients. When you let yourself run on empty for too long, it takes a lot to fill your tank back up. My burnout impacted my business, and I thank my lucky stars I was able to bounce back. But many people don’t. Burnout can be expensive. Here’s what it can cost you.

Learning to Balance Your Perfectionism at Work

By Jaymie Pompeo
Contributor, Career Services

While presenting high quality work should always be your goal, perfectionists take it to an extreme that can be detrimental in the workplace. The amount of anxiety and stress from overanalyzing your efforts may contribute to producing low-quality work, missing deadlines, and may even hold you back, career-wise.