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Keeping Work-Related Stress in Check

By Marcia Powers
Contributor, Career Services

We have all experienced times during our careers when work is particularly stressful. Work-related stress can mount up quickly when managing multiple projects, meeting deadlines, and keeping up with daily responsibilities. Left to its own devices, it can leave you feeling burned out in a hurry.

People use a variety of different tactics to help them relieve work-related stress throughout their day. Below are three of my personal favorites that I use to help me keep my stress levels in check:

Here’s What Burnout Costs You

By Ashley Stahl

I was a “yes girl” when I started my career coaching practice in 2013. I’d speak on college campuses every week, stand at booths at college conferences (word of advice to new coaches—don’t do this!), and travel around the country for unpaid speaking engagements in hopes of attracting clients. When you let yourself run on empty for too long, it takes a lot to fill your tank back up. My burnout impacted my business, and I thank my lucky stars I was able to bounce back. But many people don’t. Burnout can be expensive. Here’s what it can cost you.

Effective Time Management and Deep Cleansing Breaths

By Isabelle de Vooght Online Career Tips, Special Contributor One of the biggest challenges in my job as an executive assistant supporting an entire department is juggling many different and often last minute requests. Some days I get to work on my planned to-dos, but most days I add items to the list as opposed to crossing them off. So, how do I work to get it all done in a timely manner and without losing my mind?