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Pitfalls of Job Search Procrastination

By Marcia Powers
Contributor, Career Services

It’s 11:33 p.m. on a Friday evening, and you are zealously typing away at your keyboard. You’re on a time crunch to get your resume updated before your application is due at midnight for a position you’ve recently discovered. Well, you actually found out about it a few days ago, but you didn’t have the time to get everything together until just now. Besides, you’re a champ at turning things in right before the final deadline. From college exam papers to big office projects, you’ve mastered the art of procrastination, and you’re confident that your application will be submitted, as always, in the nick of time.

Is Your Personality Helping or Hurting Your Job Search?

By Kristen Carter
Contributor, Career Services

With self-knowledge comes direction, and being in tune with yourself can help you make positive decisions regarding your career. When you are aware of and acknowledge your unique traits, you will be able to recognize certain areas that may need attention and how your personality may positively or negatively affect your job search.

Going Beyond the Pig and the Ape: Making Mindful Choices to Connect People, Passion and Purpose

by Michelle Maldonado Associate Vice President of Corporate and Strategic Relationships, American Public University System In this issue, we have speak with Krishna Pendyala an unconventional lifecoach and workshop leader about his critically acclaimed book, "Beyond the PIG and the APE: Realizing SUCCESS and true HAPPINESS", and how to be aware of the hidden influences that drive us all.

Be, Be (Suitably) Aggressive

Being aggressive is certainly appropriate in particular situations. I remember loudly proclaiming “Be Aggressive!” as I cheered during my middle school years to help those basketball players step it up on the court. But, is there a point when you can go too far? When does persistence cross the line into aggressiveness? At what point does an overly-aggressive job search strategy undermine one’s chances of landing the job of one’s dreams?

7 Stumbling Blocks to Avoid on the Job Search

Still waiting to hear back about the 10+ resumes you recently sent out? Perhaps you have committed one of the ‘7 deadly sins of job seeking’ and your resume has been set aside by potential employers. Lucky for you, after reading this blog you’ll be able to rectify and learn from these highly common mistakes. In his article 7 Deadly Sins of Job Seeking, David Clough of Recruiter.com shares his thoughts on some of the snares that very often entangle job seekers earnestly hunting for work.

The big benefits of being in a professional network

http://apus-csb.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Michelle-Bio.jpgBy Michelle Gilbert, Guest Contributor How important is networking, and does it really work when trying to land your dream job? Networking can allow individuals to be in professional relationships with others in their specific field of interest while allowing them opportunities to brand and market themselves in that field .…