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Thousands of Jobs Open in Reverse Logistics

By Robert Gordon
Program Director, Reverse Logistics Management at American Public University

A quick look at the major job search websites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and CareerBuilder shows thousands of available jobs in reverse logistics and reverse logistics management. In the past, the primary driver of reverse logistics roles has been the retail sector; however, more and more industries are finding value in reverse logistics. Major increases are occurring business, professional services, health care as well as retail jobs – which all points to growth in customer service industries.

New Careers in Reverse Logistics

By Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth Program Director for Reverse Logistics Management, American Public University Whether it is referred to as recalls, recycling, reuse, return, or sustainment, these activities are all forms of reverse logistics. Reverse logistics is big business, and the website of Reverse Logistics Association (RLA) lists just some of the many types of jobs available.