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The Post-Holiday Blitz Shines Light on Omni-channel Advantage

By Leigh Buehler-Rappold
Faculty Member, Retail Management at American Public University

The 2014 holiday shopping season has come and gone and now retailers are assessing their 2015 strategy. With a strong season, holiday retail sales reached their highest level since 2011. Online shopping grew significantly by almost 7% to $102 billion in sales. Going into 2015, retailers are investing in new omni-channel technology and programs to offer a more complete and interactive shopping experience.

Retail Data Theft—Who’s Responsible & What’s Changing?

By Paul Potter
Faculty Member, Retail Management at American Public University

What do hotels, retail stores, and internet services have in common? They’ve all been victims of a data breach. It’s easy to blame the merchant for the stolen credit card information. While each situation is unique, there are actually many parties involved. There is the merchant, the credit card company, the bank, and the processing company.

Funding Resources for Small Businesses

The rise and fall of small business has been a subject in the forefront of our nation’s economic discussions for some time now. We are starting to see some gains in employment, which means help is on to the way for the small businesses that have been able to hold on despite recent economic hardships.