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Should We Really Despise Objective Statements?

By Jaymie Pompeo
Contributor, Career Services

Most career advice nowadays will imply that putting an objective statement on your resume is a cardinal sin. For the longest time, even I jumped the bandwagon and preached the sermon on “thou shalt not use an objective statement.” Let’s be honest – when used, objectives tend to focus on the job seeker’s personal satisfaction versus what really should be promoted: how he or she fits the needs of the current opportunity. It’s no wonder they have such a bad reputation.

Make Yourself a Purple Squirrel: The Perfect Match for the Job

By Ann Eastham
Contributor, Career Services

Haven’t heard the expression? It’s ok; I hadn’t either, until recently. “Purple squirrel” is a term for a job candidate who has the exact education, experience, and qualifications needed for a particular position. It means that you have the ability to step into a position and immediately perform your job responsibilities. The exact origin of the term is unknown, but it has been widely used by hiring managers and recruiters since at least the late 90’s. Why a purple squirrel? Because the chances of finding someone with the exact qualifications that you are seeking are as rare as a real-life purple squirrel. So, what are you to do?

How to Write a Compelling Profile Statement

By Marcia Powers
Contributor, Career Services

You're ready to apply for a job. You possess all of the required skills and qualifications, and you’re sure that you are the best candidate for the position. You’ve polished up your resume, but you’re still a bit hesitant to submit it. What if the employer scans over some of your qualifications? If only there was a way to immediately highlight who you are as a professional and why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Fortunately, there is, and it’s called a profile statement.