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Remote Employees 101: How to Manage Your Remote Team

By Amanda McGuinness

According to LogMeIn, ten years ago, the top three workspace complaints were: the stationary cubicle workspace, the set schedule of hours to be physically in the workplace, and that collaboration had to occur within the office. Today, however, 53% of 1,000 surveyed full-time employees say they access work from anywhere with the use of cloud-based apps and wifi, while 92% of businesses believe mobility is necessary for higher employee productivity and efficiency.

Dealing with Snow Day Distractions

By J. Mason
Online Career Tips Editor

Having a snow day as a child means sledding, time off from school, and possibly a marathon day of cartoons. As an adult it means time away from work, delayed projects, or if you're a remote worker it means a big white distraction. So what can you do to keep your head in your work and out of the fluff?