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Recruiting in the Digital Age: Making the Most of Virtual Career Fairs

By Ann Eastham
Contributor, Career Services

In a previous blog, I introduced the idea of job seekers attending Virtual Career Fairs (VCF’s). It is a valuable recruiting tool that is becoming more and more popular; but what should you expect from this new form of recruiting?

A VCF is essentially a platform that hosts private chats between you and a recruiter. Each VCF may be different in specifically how the chats are handled; however, you will typically be able to chat one-on-one with a recruiter.

You should expect to make a connection with the recruiter rather than walk away with a job offer. You should consider the event a success if you end the chat with the recruiter’s direct email or LinkedIn profile for follow up purposes; especially if the recruiter asks you to send them your resume!

4 Ways to Turn Every Rejection Into a Possible Success

By Annette Clayton
Faculty Recruiter, American Public University System

After a long job search, it’s a very rewarding feeling to find out you have been selected for an interview and an equally strong feeling to receive notice after the interview that you were not selected. Though it’s disappointing, there are some positives in this situation and it’s important to handle a rejection appropriately.

The 9 Hottest Trends in Corporate Recruiting

By Josh Bersin, Forbes.com Special to Online Career Tips A whole barrage of exciting tools have been created to help companies better find and source key candidates. In the technology space interesting tools include Entelo, Gild, and RemarkableHire which are out there looking at all your social footprint to evaluate your technical prowess. These companies mine your personal code postings and other social information to create a profile and actual “competency ratings” based on your social data.

How to Talk in Metrics that Matter to Recruiters

By Nance Rosen, Business2Community.com Special to Online Career Tips Big Data is the new comfort zone for decision-makers who fear taking action or making a choice without justifiable cause. The decision might be wrong, but if they’ve made it based on an assemblage of data points: there’s some cover and conversation rather than more draconian measures, like getting fired.

Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

By Ann Lambert Nelson, PhD Faculty Member, Human Resources at American Public University Creating a workplace that attracts and retains top talent starts with the hiring process. Job applicants start to form opinions about an organization as they consider whether to apply and their perceptions continue to be shaped throughout the application and hiring process. The quantity and quality of the candidates that ultimately accept employment offers can be affected by their preliminary encounters with the organization.