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People Need People for Successful Project Management

By Dr. John Richard Horne
Faculty member,
School of Business at American Public University

Sophia came back from lunch and noticed that she had a recording on her phone; it said to be at a meeting in the department conference room at 2 p.m. She had been selected to be the project manager for a new web page upgrade project that her employer, Prism Technologies, had just finalized with one of their biggest clients.

Managing Human Capital in Projects

By Dr. Mario Vaccari
Faculty member, Transportation and Logistics Management at American Public University

A project manager must be able to develop and implement a human resource management plan that promotes knowledge sharing, team motivation and cooperation, and skills building, while at the same ensuring project success.

How to Handle the Move From Function Chief to General Manager

By Roger Trapp

When an organization loses its way, there are almost inevitably questions about its leadership. And these, just as predictably, tend to focus on such matters as whether the leader in question was too charismatic or not charismatic enough, whether she had managed to convey their vision and whether the strategy they had decided upon was correct or even achievable. Often, though, the problems are more basic. For all the time, effort and money spent on leadership development, many executives find it difficult to make the leap from being a functional expert to becoming a general manager.

Bad Habit Slimdown, Week 40: Stopping Short of a Goal

By J. Mason Online Career Tips Editor Some of the most cliche lines you'll hear in an office setting refer to accomplishing a goal. My guess for this is that in business and in life we're always striving for satisfaction and completion. If we always stop before we see the end result then what makes the effort worth all the trouble? Without an end in sight what are you trying to achieve with your hard work? This is what makes completing your goals so important.

What is Reverse Logistics?

Reverse logistics has to do with returns, recycling, and project management; but the answer doesn't just stop there. In this podcast Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth, Program Director for Reverse Logistics at American Public University, explains the transformation that products undergo through reverse logistics, and dives into the importance of education for professionals in this field.