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Wedding Etiquette in the Workplace

By Adrienne Erin
Online Career Tips, Contributor

Engaged women everywhere know the deal: planning a wedding is fun, but can also be a major headache. One instance that typically causes stress: balancing professionalism with wedding-related giddiness and planning in the workplace. Here are some wedding/workplace etiquette tips to keep you from looking like a fool… or a jerk.

How Can I Repair My Social Image Before an Interview?

By Michael Klazema
Online Career Tips, Guest Contributor

Certainly, not all hiring managers use social media to judge whether or not their applicants are suitable for employment. Social media background checks are not illegal, and there are many employers, educational institutions, and other recruitment bodies that do use them regularly. Since you can never quite know on which side of the social media background check argument your interviewer stands, you should always go into the interview knowing that your social image is as clean as can be. 

10 Job Search Behaviors to Avoid

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, Glassdoor.com Special to Online Career Tips Take this challenging period and use it as an opportunity to improve and grow. You may even learn that by ‘faking it until you make it,’ you will actually start feeling better. Sometimes a forced smile and feigned good-nature converts to real optimism and hope.

Top Things You Should Be Doing With Your LinkedIn Profile

By Alisa Berry Online Career Tips Contributor Improving your professional clout is something everyone can easily work on and is easy to do with current social media. Having a great LinkedIn profile is going to be key. So you signed up for LinkedIn but your profile looks like a skeleton? That’s okay. LinkedIn is a great site for those that want to keep their interactions in the social media realm professional.

What Not to Wear During Summer in the Office

Interview with Madeline Kronfeld Online Career Tips Contributor These days, it can be hard to know what is or isn’t appropriate for the office. A lot of companies encourage casual, laid-back dress codes but what works in one building doesn’t work for another. Would you take your lawyer seriously if he showed up to court in cargo shorts and a football jersey? In this podcast Madeline shares a few basic dos and don’ts for summer office attire for men and women and we’re going to start from the bottom and work our way up.