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Preparing to Interview for a Career in Human Development and Families Studies

By Belinda Hammond
Faculty Member, School of Education at American Public University

For employers, finding the right fit means they’re not just gaining an employee, but gaining a team member who shares a common vision for what can be accomplished. The right fit also means a long-term partnership with a happy employee eager to take on new challenges. For you, having a strong employer who is capable of providing the right work environment helps to ensure your success as a contributing employee and member of the community.

Augment Your Learning Through Blogs

By Dr. Randall Cuthbert
Associate Professor, Emergency & Disaster Management at American Public University

Read any good blogs lately? In our 24-hour, always-plugged-in society, most experts have established blogs that bring the latest news, trends, opinion, and opportunities on a more-or-less continuous basis. These are a great way to augment your online learning and to stay current in your chosen career field.

How Professors Can Support Your Professional Growth

By Marcia Powers
Contriburtor, Career Services

Getting a college education is an important step in your career journey, and the connections you make along the way can be just as important as earning your degree. Currently, you may only think of your professors as paper assigners and grade givers, but they can also be important supporters of your professional development.

Regardless of whether you are a current student or a college graduate, be sure to continue and maintain positive relationships with your professors. Your professors may be willing to provide you with some great career support.

5 Ways a Professional Organization Can Advance Your Career

By Tiffany Young
Online Career Tips Contributor

Getting ahead professionally takes more than just knowing how to do the job or having advanced degrees. The advancement of your career is solely your responsibility and shouldn’t just be a focus when searching for a new job. For help, try turning to professional organization for your career needs.

There is benefit to joining a professional organization-- it’s an investment that can be one of the biggest career moves you’ll ever make.