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Learning Without Wasting a Minute

By Dr. Randall Cuthbert
Associate Professor, Emergency & Disaster Management at American Public University

Our options for lifelong learning have changed tremendously and, I believe, for the better.

Consider, for example, the accommodations I had to make to achieve my bachelor’s degree back in the 70s and 80s. In order to achieve that degree, I had to:

  • Give up my (admittedly not very exciting) laborer job to move away to another city where there was a university.
  • Give up my (don’t laugh) $9,000/yr job to live in poverty in a trailer court for five years, earning spending money by driving a school bus.
  • Take five years off from wealth building, saving, asset acquisition, and the other things one does to build a financial foundation for one’s life.

After graduation, I attained a career as an Air Force officer—living wage, supported housing, available career track, etc.—that made the investment worthwhile. But the point here is that I had to sacrifice five years of productivity to do that—and in this day and age, there’s a better way.

What "Take Your Child to Work Day" Looks Like at an Online University

By Amy N. Panzarella, SPHR, SHRM – SCP
Vice President, Human Resources at American Public University System

Since 2008, APUS has participated in the nationally recognized, “Bring Your Son or Daughter to Work Day.” On April 23, we welcomed students to our campus in Charles Town, W.Va. and offered each of them a unique opportunity to assimilate into a professional work environment; learn more about potential career opportunities; and understand what their parent does to contribute to APUS’s mission.

Employers Warm up to Online MBAs

We came across this interesting article from Bloomberg Businessweek discussing online MBAs and how they’re viewed in the marketplace. According to a recent study published in the summer edition of the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, the perception of online MBAs is improving among hiring managers.…