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Creative Teaching Lesson: Counting Froot Loops™ in Your Online Class

Why would you want your online students to count the number of items of cereal in a small container, a cup, of Froot Loops™? I get asked that question when I suggest that you have your students go to the grocery store and purhase a 1.5 oz container or Froot Loops™. The cost is about $1.25, or if the student has childen you can usually get four for $5.00. This exercise is good for courses in logistics, supply chain management, retail management, hospitality, packaging, marketing, manufacturing and materials management.

Supplement Your Online Learning with Networking

By Dr. Randall Cuthbert
Associate Professor, Emergency & Disaster Management at American Public University

Online learning offers an incredible opportunity to meet and get to know professionals from your field from across the country and around the world. It would take more than my ten fingers to count the number of folks that have attained jobs because of connections they’ve made in my classes.

But that is not enough. No matter how much a peer or potential supervisor learns about you in your online class, they still don’t know you. Not really.

Learning Without Wasting a Minute

By Dr. Randall Cuthbert
Associate Professor, Emergency & Disaster Management at American Public University

Our options for lifelong learning have changed tremendously and, I believe, for the better.

Consider, for example, the accommodations I had to make to achieve my bachelor’s degree back in the 70s and 80s. In order to achieve that degree, I had to:

  • Give up my (admittedly not very exciting) laborer job to move away to another city where there was a university.
  • Give up my (don’t laugh) $9,000/yr job to live in poverty in a trailer court for five years, earning spending money by driving a school bus.
  • Take five years off from wealth building, saving, asset acquisition, and the other things one does to build a financial foundation for one’s life.

After graduation, I attained a career as an Air Force officer—living wage, supported housing, available career track, etc.—that made the investment worthwhile. But the point here is that I had to sacrifice five years of productivity to do that—and in this day and age, there’s a better way.

Landing Your First Online Teaching Job

By Dr. Dani Babb
Faculty member at American Public University

With interest in online education high, credibility for online institutions building and more state schools and private colleges developing online programs, the demand for professors is growing. I will walk you through many of the steps required to get into the field of education as an online professor and what to expect along the way.