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Benefits of a Nursing Degree

By Joey Trebif
Founder, CareerAlley

If you are in search of a growing field that affords both a great rate of pay as well as enriching work, a career in nursing might just be right for you. Over the last few years the demand for nurses has been on a steady rise, with approximately 2.5 million registered nurses in the United States as of 2013.

Careers for Those Who Love Kids

By Sarah Daren

If you like working with children, especially babies, then there are several careers out there that you might find fulfilling. When you have an opportunity to work in a field that pays you well while you get to do what you love, you should not pass up the opportunity.

Here are five careers involving babies that you can pursue. Each of them gives you a chance to do more than just accompany these new beginners in life. They let you have a profound impact in the quality of a person’s life when they are just starting out in the world.