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8 Tips For More Effective Networking

By Susan Hoffman
Online Career Tips Contributor

For many job hunters, networking is a proven method of finding a new job. Good networking relies on more than handing out your business cards to everyone you meet at networking events, trade shows, or social occasions. Some preparation and social skills are vital. Here are 8 tips to improve your networking skills.

Networking Tips for Introverts

By Adrienne Erin
Contributor, Online Career Tips

Networking isn’t one size fits all. If you’re an extrovert, network like an extrovert. If you’re an introvert, network by using your strengths as an introvert. It’s easier, more sincere, and more memorable to be yourself. Take the time to discover your strengths and then play to them.

How to Rock the Holiday Job Search

By Adrienne Erin Online Career Tips, Contributor The holidays are full of informal ways to reconnect with old business contacts and make new connections. The next time you attend a holiday party, bring along some business cards and give them out when appropriate. Ask acquaintances for introductions to other party guests in your field, and meet new contacts in a relaxed and festive setting.

How to Network Successfully When You’re Over 40

By Robert L. Dilenschneider, Next Avenue Contributor Special to Online Career Tips Networking is vital if you want to find a job, start a business or attract new clients or customers to a small company you’ve already established. So why do so many of us over 40 neglect to take advantage of this essential tool?