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Millennials Are Reshaping the Workplace

By Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth
Program Director, Government Contracts and Acquisition at American Public University

I think millennials may become the new knowledge management generation. People like Matt share knowledge to find answers. They like to have fun doing so. Today’s retirement generation ran on rules and regulations, placing fences around knowledge- sharing and competing with each other for a share of the work.

The Handwritten Note that Can Lead to a Career

By Cliff Harmon
Faculty member, School of Business at American Public University

My daughter recently moved to Indiana and was in the process of job interviewing for three positions. After the interviews took place, I watched as she sat down to write thank you notes to each of people that had spent time with her. I was very proud to see my daughter, a true millennial, take the time to write and mail a handwritten thank you!

Regardless of what the e-connected, tweeting, and instagramming society thinks, a handwritten thank you after an interview never goes out of favor. Taking the time to sit down and thank someone for their time is a way to let them know that you really appreciate them.

Marrying Generation X and Y: Changing the DNA of Corporate Culture

By Shun McGhee Contributor, Career Services A company desiring to expand its target audience or even survive the competition must find ways to connect with the Generation Y. They are the newest members of the workforce, possess fresh ideas and represent a large purchasing market. Missing out on tapping into the creativity and buying power of this group could be devastating for many companies.