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Professional Mentoring 101, Part 2: How to Choose a Professional Mentor

The philosopher Aristotle wrote, “He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.” To me, this means everyone needs a coach of some sort to help them navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of career acclimation and advancement. In this blog I will refer to coaches as mentors. Having come to the conclusion in Part I of this series that mentors are necessary fixtures in our professional lives, the question now is, how do we choose a good mentor?

Professional Mentoring 101, Part 1: Do I Really Need a Professional Mentor?

Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson. Quincy Jones had Count Basie and Ernie Davis had Jim Brown. I once thought all the people mentioned are such amazing talents, why would they need a mentor? The answer that came to me is that mentors serve different purposes. Ernie Davis needed Jim Brown to help him understand what to expect and how to deal with the hostile environment he would face as an African American student at Syracuse University. Quincy Jones needed Count Basie to teach him how to run a band. Michael Jackson needed Phil Jackson to show him how to get the best out of his teammates.

Part II: The Dynamic Duo: How it Works!

By Kate Anderson, Guest Contributor As mentioned in the previous post, “Rethinking Mentoring: Master-Apprentice to Dynamic Duo,” we need to rethink mentoring. We need to begin thinking of it as a dynamic duo rather than an outdated master-apprentice type of relationship.…