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Manage Your Business: Tips for Returning from Maternity Leave

By J. Mason
Online Career Tips Editor

A typical maternity leave lasts from two months to three. In other parts of the world new mothers can expect an entire year off to spend with their little one; in Sweden it's 16 months! Whatever time a mother has to spend with her newborn is undoubtedly precious, but it goes by in the blink of an eye. Just like with a pregnancy there are always "experts" that will give pointers on how to have a proper maternity leave. For example, saying to catch up on sleep, read a few novels, or even travel. If you've experienced the joy of motherhood you know that those activities are wishful thinking. The focus of your return from leave to work is just as important as the leave itself.

How to Prep for Maternity Leave

By J. Mason Online Career Tips Editor Getting ready for a long break from work tends to be a little stressful for the busy worker. When that long break is accompanied by the birth of a child then the stress gets compounded. Since I'm nearing my maternity leave I wanted to share my words of wisdom for preparing your work colleagues for this extended loss of your appearance in the office.

A Career and a Baby? No Need to Complete the ‘Bucket List’

By Glynn Cosker Online Career Tips, Special Contributor Every year, more and more successful female professionals also become successful mothers. People no longer have to quit their job or take a lesser paying, part-time job once baby enters the picture. Goals can be accomplished, “bucket lists” can have a majority of items checked, and anybody can juggle a rewarding career with the wonderful rewards found in parenthood—if they plan well and stay organized.