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Remote Employees 101: How to Manage Your Remote Team

By Amanda McGuinness

According to LogMeIn, ten years ago, the top three workspace complaints were: the stationary cubicle workspace, the set schedule of hours to be physically in the workplace, and that collaboration had to occur within the office. Today, however, 53% of 1,000 surveyed full-time employees say they access work from anywhere with the use of cloud-based apps and wifi, while 92% of businesses believe mobility is necessary for higher employee productivity and efficiency.

Managing Up: When Your Boss is an Obsessive Micromanager

By Peggy Drexler, Forbes.com Special to Online Career Tips There are certain steps you can take if you think your boss is a micromanager. First, though, make sure she’s not responding to your own weak performance; that is, that you haven’t “asked” to be supervised so closely. And find out if there are others who feel the same way. If your boss breathes down everyone’s neck, you can be confident that it’s not just you.