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Success Means Building a Great Team

By Chanda Chann
Alumna at American Military University

I have evolved as a real estate professional through the years. I once struggled as an administrator. Now I am challenged with the nuances of management. As a manager, I am only as good as my team and the service partners who make my job possible.

The size or the type of property you manage does not matter. To have a career in commercial property management means you have to be adaptable to change and be able to employ multiple disciplines.

Yes, WE Are an EFFECTIVE Team!

By Dr. Marie Gould Harper
Program Director, Management at American Public University

As more organizations recognize the value of team performance to the bottom line, it is important that we assess what makes a team effective. Leaders at organizations such as Zappos are convinced that flat organizations can be functional and productive if you motivate and coach your employees to work with one another for the common cause.