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Exactly How Much is a LinkedIn Recommendation Worth?

By Adrienne Erin Online Career Tips, Contributor With over 250 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular social networking site for the professional niche, allowing users to discover and maintain business relationships. Features like customizable profiles and job search have been longtime features of LinkedIn. Just last year, LinkedIn unveiled an endorsements feature, which allowed users from various lines of work to endorse their connections. Both endorsements and recommendations are displayed prominently on member profiles, prompting the question: Just how much is a LinkedIn recommendation worth?

What Do LinkedIn Skill Endorsements Really Mean?

If you have logged into LinkedIn, the popular business networking site, over the past few months, you may have been asked to endorse some of your connections’ skills. Or perhaps you have gotten email notification that a connection has endorsed your skills. So what does this all of this mean, and how does this differ from a LinkedIn recommendation? Here are some tips: