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Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Position on a Board of Directors

By James R. Lint
Faculty Member, School of Business, American Public University

After military life and some seasoning in the civilian world, service members become highly sought after by the board of directors of companies and nonprofits. Service members are problem solvers, gaining skills in the military that are not easily acquired in the civilian world. They are accustomed to getting necessary tasks done, which appeals to a board of directors.

Why Young Job Seekers Should Never Apologize For Their Inexperience

By Kema Christian-Taylor

When I speak to college students and recent grads concerned about their lack of work experience, I tell them to talk about what they have to offer: from their learnings in related coursework to the leadership skills they’ve gained in their extracurriculars — especially the projects and interests they pursue outside of school that speak to their self-starter mindset. The ultimate takeaway shouldn’t be a resume lacking in years of experience.