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10 Odd Job Interview Questions (And How To Answer Them)

By Karsten Strauss

You’ve taken great care in preparing your job application, secured an interview for a position you shamelessly desire and now – deep into that meeting you hope will convince the HR manager of your qualifications – you’ve finally allowed yourself to relax. It can come out of nowhere—that one zinger of a question at a job interview that stumps you with its ridiculousness. Perhaps it’s too personal, or even impossible to answer, maybe it seems irrelevant… Still, it’s a job interview; you have to take it seriously, dig deep and provide an answer.

Tailor Your Resume to Increase Your Chances of Getting the Interview

By Jessica Bigger
Online Career Tips, Guest Contributor

The job market has gotten more competitive. Hundreds of applicants are applying for each job and those same job applicants are expected to not only meet the minimum requirements, but demonstrate significant skills related to the job description. Tailoring your resume will increase your chances of getting an interview, but like anything else there are no guarantees.

How to Utilize Similarities Between House Shopping and Job Hunting

By J. Mason
Online Career Tips Editor

Much like the job search, house hunting is about doing numerous walk-throughs until you find something that fits. When you're down to the wire to find a dwelling, like I am currently, you may get pushed into an option that you would otherwise pass up. Don't sell yourself short by going with the closest option. Just like with the house, it's where you'll be for a year, two years, or maybe even five years from now. Every job influences your career so be cognizant on where you plan to "hang your hat" even if it's for the short term.