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Plan, Positivity, and Perspective: The 3 “P”’s of Interview Prep

By Jaymie Pompeo
Contributor, Career Services

Preparing for an interview can be one of the most draining experiences you’ll have. If you’re an avid researcher like me, you’ve spent most of your free time stalking the company through their website, social media pages, and any other helpful source that Google pointed you towards. You’ve memorized your resume, rehearsed rhetoric for commonly asked interview questions, planned your outfit, and so on.

How to Distinguish Yourself in a Wall Street Job Interview

By Ken Kam

Upon graduation, almost no one has significant work experience that distinguishes them from the crowd. So your teachers, your grades, and your interviews weigh heavily in Wall Street recruiters decisions. However, it is exceptionally difficult for Wall Street recruiters to figure out who can deliver good results for their firms’ clients, by reading resumes and conducting interviews.

Interview Follow-Up: The Do’s and Don’ts

By Adrienne Erin
Online Career Tips, Contributor

Get ready for the post-holiday hiring rush! If it's that time of year for you to start fresh then make sure you're going about the interview process the right way. If you’re looking to gently remind an employer that you are the perfect candidate after an interview, there are some right and wrong ways to do so. Here are some tips for following up with an employer after an interview, without driving anyone (including yourself) crazy.

Is Your Introvert Personality Preventing You From Getting Noticed?

By Rowe Leathers, GCDF
Contributor, Career Services

Do you need to nail your next job interview? If so, don’t go! Instead, send someone who is a master of conversation, someone who is energetic and charismatic to help you land that job. A charismatic person can convey your skills, experiences and qualifications with purpose. A person with energy can showcase your commitment and dedication for success, and a master of conversation can connect with the interviewer to demonstrate your desire to be part of the team.

The Post-Interview Office Tour: What It Means

By Adrienne Erin Online Career Tips, Contributor Finally, the interview comes to a pleasant end and the interviewer takes you on a tour of the place. She even shows you where "your" office will be. What does this mean? Does it mean that you've got the job? Does it mean that you're a top candidate? Does it mean anything at all?