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Four Sources For Pre-Interview Research

By Susan Hoffman
Online Career Tips Contributor

In addition to using social media sites to research a company prior to a phone or on-site interview, there are other online resources available to you. These sites help you form your first impressions of a company and decide if that organization is a good match for your knowledge, skills and abilities. Use the information provided in these four sites to form insightful questions for your interview and improve your chances of a successful interview.


Answering the Dreaded Request: “Tell Me About Yourself”

By Cathy Francois
Contributor, Career Services

When I do interview coaching, I find that many of my clients are uncomfortable with the open-ended request, “Tell me about yourself.” It’s a broad question that can be answered in an infinite amount of ways. Though it can be daunting, it’s typically one of the first questions asked during an interview and puts you in a position to really set the tone and direction of the interview, so your response better be good. Before you respond with a haphazard hodgepodge of your unorganized thoughts, consider my advice and remix the question.

Plan, Positivity, and Perspective: The 3 “P”’s of Interview Prep

By Jaymie Pompeo
Contributor, Career Services

Preparing for an interview can be one of the most draining experiences you’ll have. If you’re an avid researcher like me, you’ve spent most of your free time stalking the company through their website, social media pages, and any other helpful source that Google pointed you towards. You’ve memorized your resume, rehearsed rhetoric for commonly asked interview questions, planned your outfit, and so on.

The Art of Following Up

By Rowe Leathers, GCDF
Contributor, Career Services

One of the most important components in a job search is the interview follow up; yet it is one of the most overlooked and uncertain parts of the process. While many job seekers recognize this to be a critical step, many fear it because they don’t know what to say or, worse, don’t want to be a nuisance. To conquer your fear of making that call, consider shifting the way you think about it.

Why Didn’t I Get that Job?

By Eileen Shackleford
Contributor, Career Services

Haven’t we all asked that question at some point?If you have ever been in a job search, you know there will be times when you leave an interview thinking, “I nailed that! The job is mine.” Then what? A “thank you for your application” email arrives.If you are like me, you like the unvarnished, plain ole’, unarguable truth.Sometimes in today’s corporate speak, it is hard to drill down to what expressions like ’not a good fit’ mean.