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If You Want to Innovate, Learn These 9 Rules

By Greg Satell

Too often, we treat innovation as a monolith, as if every problem was the same, but that’s clearly not the case. In laboratories and factory floors, universities and coffee shops, or even over a beer after work, people are sussing out better ways to do things. There is no monopoly on creative thought. But that leads us to a problem: How should we go about innovation? Should we hand it over to the guys with white lab coats? What we need is a clear framework for making decisions.

Poison Your Culture By Demanding Answers, Not Questions

For those looking to advance their careers, Saunders is right. CEOs and, managers in general, are constantly bombarded with problems. The reality is that they prefer underlings who bring solutions, rather than problems. (Which also means, of course, that they frown on those who act otherwise.) Saunders is simply reflecting the prevailing attitude in most organizations.