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Physical Health for Strong Critical Thinking Skills

By Ginny Haddock
Faculty Member, Intelligence Studies, American Military University

Physical health is a vital component for any person; however, it is particularly important for intelligence professionals. While the image of a field agent chasing down an intel lead may come to mind when thinking about the importance of physical health, it’s just as important for an analyst sitting at a desk to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle to enhance critical thinking skills.

3 Ways to Get to Happiness in Your Career and Health

By Tiffany Young
Online Career Tips Contributor

Just a few days ago, I had a friend propose that we start working out together. I thought that was the best idea I heard all summer. Sweet! Any excuse to get in shape and do healthy activities sounded great.

Before we ended the conversation, she also enlisted my help in finding her a new job. Hold up! It’s one thing to work out, but now she wanted to look for a new job? I thought to myself, I have no time for this and that. Her response was, “both are just as important.”