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An Effective Guide to Ideal Interview Body Language

By Will Smith Online Career Tips, Guest Contributor Contrary to popular belief, neither Mandarin nor English is the universal language. Rather, the right answer is body language. Yes, that’s right! The language that everyone in the world understands is not the one that’s spoken. They say that “action speaks louder than words,” and this is what body language is all about. You can be understood without saying anything. Just your actions are enough to convey what you think and feel.

How to Talk in Metrics that Matter to Recruiters

By Nance Rosen, Business2Community.com Special to Online Career Tips Big Data is the new comfort zone for decision-makers who fear taking action or making a choice without justifiable cause. The decision might be wrong, but if they’ve made it based on an assemblage of data points: there’s some cover and conversation rather than more draconian measures, like getting fired.

Good Answers To Why You’ve Been Jobless

An interviewer uses the legal why-jobless-so-long question as a time-saver to quickly uncover what's wrong with you as a candidate for the job being filled. Although it doesn't ask how you happened to become active in the job market in the first place, start there to set the table for your most effective answer.