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Do You Want to Be a Government Employee?

By Joey Trebif
Founder of CareerAlley

Flexible working environment, fixed incentives and several perks; who doesn’t want a job with all these benefits? This is what a government job could offer you. If you are one of those who would like to have a relaxing work environment with a steady moving career, a job in the government sector may be the best option for you. Read further to know what the advantages and disadvantages of being a government employee.

Four tips for finding a federal internship

Two years ago, I immersed myself in the world of federal internships. I waded through over one hundred agency websites, compiled a database of hundreds of federal student programs, and sought to learn everything there is to know about federal internships—which agencies have them, the differences between agency programs, and, perhaps most importantly, how to get a federal internship.

Finding federal employment

Finding a federal job can be a lot like gaining membership into a secret society. The application process can be painstaking if not grueling, though, once you have made it past the preliminary rounds and are accepted, you’re in for life—or, such is the mythology of federal employment.…