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49 Noteworthy Social Networking Stats and Facts

By Tom Pick

Though new social networks continue to be launched (e.g. SnapChat, Blab) and some disappear (anyone remember Pownce or Friendster?), the “big three” among both consumers and marketers continue to thrive and dominate. But there are no guarantees that leadership will last, and the social networking landscape is constantly evolving.

Social Media Marketing: It’s About Building Relationships

By Lee Westell
Principal – New Media Marketing Strategies, LLC.  And APUS Industry Advisory Council Member

Social media means big business. Statista, a leading online statistics portal, projects by the end of 2015, worldwide social commerce revenue will reach $30 billion. In my work with companies, here’s what I’m seeing as the top three problems companies have when using social media.

Social Media Best Practices

Vlog with Madeline Roberts
Online Career Tips Contributor

This video discusses the importance of understanding your company's target customer profile and where they spend their time online. It examines demographic details of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram users and how each platform can be used for your business.

Reaching Your Customers on Social Media

By Madeline Roberts
Online Career Tips Contributor

Social media marketing is no longer a trend but rather an essential business practice. Whether you’re on Main Street or Wall Street, your company can benefit from having a social presence. Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram can help you learn about your audience, increase website traffic, generate leads, provide customer service, and improve brand awareness at little to no cost.

5 Ways to Give Back to Your Alma Mater

By Tiffany Young
Online Career Tips Contributor

If you think about the reasons you went to college in the first place, you might be nostalgic and recall the best times of your life. So why not give back since you gained so much? The term alma mater is reason enough, but if you need further motivation to give back to your school or college, read on.

NASA as a Public Relations Machine

By Rachel A. Adler
Online Career Tips Contributor

Recently I was one of 25 people selected to attend NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Media Day at their location in Goddard, Maryland.  Aside from learning about the MMS, I also got to look at how NASA cultivates public relations and provides professional development for their scientist and engineers. Attention big companies – take a page from NASA on how to run a successful and informative media day.