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Physical Health for Strong Critical Thinking Skills

By Ginny Haddock
Faculty Member, Intelligence Studies, American Military University

Physical health is a vital component for any person; however, it is particularly important for intelligence professionals. While the image of a field agent chasing down an intel lead may come to mind when thinking about the importance of physical health, it’s just as important for an analyst sitting at a desk to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle to enhance critical thinking skills.

Top Four Fitness Tips for the Cube Dweller

By Jill Kurtz
Online Career Tips Contributor

I am not a fitness expert beyond my desire to keep myself healthy. As I have gotten older, I have found that my desk job and my fitness goals are at odds. I recently took a new look at my habits, got some advice from a personal trainer, and changed my workplace routines a bit. My overall goal is to move more. As a fitness pro said to me, “Sitting is the new smoking. If you don’t move, you die.”

Get up and move, at work!

By Kristen Pearson, Guest Contributor In an age where human sicknesses and weight problems are rampant, people use gym memberships, eating right, and dieting pills as a ‘fix all’ to get thin and stay illness free.…