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The Gray Area of Corporate Gifts

By Kristen Carter
Contributor, Career Services

Should you accept gifts from prospective or current clients? While you may never face the decision whether to accept hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of gifts, there exists a gray area when it comes to determining which gifts are acceptable and which are not.

5 Ways to Avoid a Big Fib on Your Resume

By J. Mason
Online Career Tips Editor

Sometimes to get ahead people may feel the need to lie about their performance. Whether that's in relation to their job, life, or personality is irrelevant. Lying is a form of betrayal, and in some cases this betrayal can be the kiss of death for the relationship. Before resorting to even a white lie there are some things to consider, and there are in fact ways to avoid doing it in the first place.

We Need Philosophy in the Workplace

By Dr. Steven Gans
Faculty Member, Philosophy at American Public University

At first glance, the statement, “We need philosophers in the workplace” sounds like a non sequitur or an absurdity. Surely, the last thing we need in the workplace are more navel gazers. There is a need though for those that place high value on ethics and vision.