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Live Your Dream

MBA graduate Wes O'Donnell used his degree to follow his dreams and launch several businesses and passion projects. Watch this inspirational video to earn more about his success as a serial entrepreneur as he shares his inspirational story of life after business school.

You and the Mountain: On Conquering Anything in Life

By Ryan Bradshaw
Faculty member, Retail Management at American Public University

Do you ever have those moments when you stop and question your direction in life? Moments where you stop and say, “I wish I had known that so I could have avoided this issue” or “I wish I had known this so I could have taken advantage of this opportunity.”

I’m certain everyone has those moments. Jim Rohn has said that you become like the five people you hang around the most. So, if you hang around with four broke people you’ll more than likely be the fifth. In contrast, if you hang around winners, victory will manifest in your life.

What Skills Do You Need to Succeed in Marketing?

By Mark Schaefer, BusinessesGrow.com Special to Online Career Tips Marketing as a career discipline has evolved differently than other areas of business. If you are a finance professional or you work in accounting or economics, the fundamentals of your career success are not sliding under your feet. But if you are trying to establish a career in marketing, not only are the tools of your trade changing, the rules of engagement are changing every day.