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Presenting Your Education on Your Resume

By Marcia Powers
Contributor, Career Services

Presenting your education on your resume should be a piece of cake, right? Although it seems pretty straightforward, there’s a little more to it than plopping your school and degree program on paper. To make a great impression, your “Education” section should be orderly and accurate, and include additional information only if relevant to your target position.

Career Planning: Would You Set Limits If There Was No Risk of Failure?

By Angela Matthews
Core Learning Instructor, American Public University

Many of us endure jobs we dislike. If you have one of those jobs, you know exactly how much you dread going to work each day. You dream of quitting and wish you could do something else. It’s a horrible feeling of dissatisfaction that seeps into the rest of your life. A job is not the right fit for everyone. Picking the right career path makes the difference between feeling happy or miserable at the end of the day. We need to devote time and energy to thinking about the type of job that is the right fit for us.


Why Young Job Seekers Should Never Apologize For Their Inexperience

By Kema Christian-Taylor

When I speak to college students and recent grads concerned about their lack of work experience, I tell them to talk about what they have to offer: from their learnings in related coursework to the leadership skills they’ve gained in their extracurriculars — especially the projects and interests they pursue outside of school that speak to their self-starter mindset. The ultimate takeaway shouldn’t be a resume lacking in years of experience.

Staying Inspired Through the Holidays

By Nichole Ahlstrom
COLL100 Faculty at American Public University

With the holiday season quickly approaching, your educational agenda may threaten to disappear. The hustle and bustle of shopping, parties, children home on vacations, traveling, family, etc., can leave you feeling lost when it comes time to studying and attending class. There are ways to enjoy your loved ones and keep your education on track, too.