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It May Be Time to Add Analytics to Your Business Skillset

By Dr. Rebekah Anderson and Dr. Charles Johnson
Adjunct Professors, School of Business at American Public University

As technology has changed the landscape of business processes, it has also created a necessity for decision-makers to have the ability to use various tools to create, manipulate, and report data. In business and management, analytics has arisen as a method for less experienced managers to make decisions similar to an experience-based approach.

Google Analytics Shares More User Data

By Jill Kurtz
Online Career Tips Editor

If you are doing any commerce or communication online, you know that analyzing use data is critical to understanding your effectiveness. You need to know who is visiting the site, how they got there, what they are doing while on the site, and why they left before you want them to.

Google Analytics is a great, free tool to gain such insight and more. It has recently been updated to add active user data. Active users are the number of people actively accessing your site or app.

How to Quantify Your Accomplishments on Your Resume

By Adrienne Erin
Contributor, Online Career Tips

No prospective employer wants to read a dry, detailed-yet-vague laundry list of job duties from your recent employment. Chances are that you find your job duties as boring to list as employers find them useless to read. If you’ve never been taught to quantify your accomplishments on resumes, it may seem a confusing and daunting task. Luckily, it’s really quite straightforward.