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Accidental Networking and Other Rewards of Customer Service

By Michael Sale
Law Enforcement Education Coordinator (Canada) at American Military University

Late one busy morning, when I was the director of corporate communications for the Metropolitan Toronto Police, I encountered a young woman, standing in the reception area of the police station, looking around for someone to serve her. I looked around too, and discovered that all my colleagues were engaged; most were on the telephone answering calls and others were caught up in activities related to inquiries from reporters who had come to the office for information.

How to Find the Voice of the Customer

By Beth LaGuardia Online Career Tips, Special Contributor Perhaps the customer is an internal client. Or maybe in your case customers are end users, and their feedback is tied to product roadmap discussions, corporate strategy, or large technology investment decisions. While it’s common sense, many leaders fail to incorporate customer feedback in a meaningful, consistent manner. Even when considered, customer input may not represent those of the typical or highest value customers. Any number of factors can be to blame, including context, inadequate calibration of data, or lack of objectivity.