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The Creativity – and Business Potential – of Reclaimed Goods

By Robert Gordon
Program Director, Reverse Logistics Management at American Public University

Reclaimed goods can lead to many creative ideas can transform old products into substantially different new ones. Recently Southwest airlines upcycled 80,000 leather seats into bags, seats and balls.

There is a common misconception that recycling and reclaiming goods are the same. Recycling is limited to reusing the raw material of a product. Reclaimed goods are materials that are re-used in a manner to gain back some value.

Networking Tips for Introverts

By Adrienne Erin
Contributor, Online Career Tips

Networking isn’t one size fits all. If you’re an extrovert, network like an extrovert. If you’re an introvert, network by using your strengths as an introvert. It’s easier, more sincere, and more memorable to be yourself. Take the time to discover your strengths and then play to them.

How to Encourage Creativity in Your Employees

By Adrienne Erin
Contributor, Online Career Tips

When it comes to fostering creativity, it’s all about an open and inviting environment. Although having a spacious floor plan where people don’t hide in cubicles is important, it’s not the only factor in building an innovative company. Collaboration matters, and so too does letting your employees know that their ideas and suggestions matter also, whether you have a small startup staffed by a few people or a global company with worldwide offices. To foster the idea-creation process, try some of the suggestions below.