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How to Declare Your Independence (as a Contractor)

By J. Thompson
Online Career Tips Staff

Are you looking for flexible hours, consulting-level pay and the satisfaction of being your own boss? Maybe you're coping with a layoff and improvising to create opportunities for income or to keep your work history consistent. Whatever your reason, becoming an independent contractor (IC) is an exciting and viable employment option. But, like all good endeavors, know the cards before you lay them on the table.

5 Ideas for Starting Your Own Business

By Joey Trebif
Founder, CareerAlley

Are you tired of the 9 to 5 grind? Maybe your industry or the company you work for are headed for failure. Or maybe you are just tired of working for other people and want to manage your own destiny. Whatever your reasons for thinking about making a drastic change in your career, there are tons of career alternatives that you can consider.

How to Add Value as a Contractor

Interview with Glynn Cosker Content Writer, Marketing Consultant at American Public University It's important to keep abreast of what makes your role successful at any company. For those looking to add value in a contract or consulting role being in tune with what the client needs is a top priority. To talk more about the role of a consultant and making that role a success is Glynn Cosker.