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Content Curation: One Avenue to Enhance Community Engagement

By Brian Muys
Online Career Tips Contributor

Content curation is all the rage among today’s communications and marketing professionals. However, while the nomenclature may be relatively new, the concept itself has been an integral component of integrated communications campaigns for some time. In fact, it represents the core mandate of any savvy practitioner: identify the impactful messages (read, stories) that best resonate with your core audience(s), and package and deliver them in the most engaging fashion possible.

4 Awesome Tips for Getting Your Email Through the Clutter

By Jill Kurtz
Online Career Tips Editor

We all delete emails before reading nothing more than the subject line. While we all do this without guilt as recipients, none of us want to accept this may happen to us as senders. Your emails may not be read and, worse, may actually be irritating the very audience you want to reach. Here are some ideas to mix things up a bit and maximize the chances that your email will be opened and read.