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Tell Me a Story

By Jill Kurtz
Online Career Tips Contributor

Connecting with audiences to provide information they need and being personal at the same time is a great formula for effective communication. People are reading your content to find something of value and telling them a relevant narrative is the perfect way to connect with them, but only if your content is helping them solve a problem.

Good Intentions, Poor Leadership

By Dr. Suzanne Minarcine
Faculty Director, School of Business at American Public University

I’ve sometimes encountered people who I thought were really out to try to see how negative they could be, at least in the leadership category. However, bad leadership does not have to be the result of negative intentions; sometimes poor leadership is the result of a lack of forethought and understanding of the organization’s mission.

The 4 Traits of a Great Public Relations Professional

By Jill Kurtz
Online Career Tips Contributor

I was fortunate to be able to attend the recent PRSA-NCC Thoth Awards Gala during which 41 public relations efforts received awards. The program highlights the best of DC area communications programs and the professionals behind them. For me, the gala an annual reminder of why I chose public relations as a career: PR professionals get to do amazing things!

Pros and Cons of an Open Office Layout

By Adrienne Erin
Contributor, Online Career Tips

With open office layouts gaining popularity, cubicles may be a thing of the past. With companies looking for more interoffice connections and teamwork-driven projects, an open office seems like the best, most effective design. While this work place phenomenon is changing the way offices are run, it may not be the best design. Read on to find out why open offices work well and ways in which they fall short to the cubicle.